Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Too much caffeine....

I had far too much coffee yesterday, and for all that I did ALL THE THINGS! it does mean that it is now nearly 5am & I haven't slept yet!  Since I have to be awake at 8am, it doesn't look likely that I will sleep, either.  So!  What better way to spend a couple of dawn-time hours than catching up on my blog?!  ;)

I've done a few things from my Challenge list since I last blogged.  While I was in Brighton visiting Mum, I went out for three days with my German friend Karin who was visiting with her school group.  During those days, we seemed to visit most of the South of England (not actually, but it did feel like it!)  The Royal Pavilion I've been to before, but seeing it again was lovely, and I had lots of nice comments about my outfit!  We had a nice walk along the Palace Pier (I can't (won't!) get used to calling it the Brighton Pier!) :

Karin & Me on the Pier!

On Tuesday, we saw most of Wiltshire!  (That's certainly what it felt like!)  Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Winchester Cathedral & the Great Hall and King Arthur's Round Table.  Oh boy!  But that's certainly plenty of things I hadn't done before... I think after this round of blogging I'll post an updated version of my list.
The Medieval Clock in Salisbury Cathedral

Description of Clock


The cairn at Woodhenge

The tunnel near the Great Hall
King Arthur's Round Table


  1. Wow- you have been busy! Great photos, especially love the tunnel one. you've got an eye for an image, that's for sure. I've not visited that part of England. Never even been to Brighton. Something I clearly need to rectify!

  2. Thank you very much Liz :D

    I'd definitely recommend a trip to Wiltshire, as well as Brighton of course, (well, I would say that, wouldn't I!)

    However I'd probably not recommend doing them in a day each; have at least a weekend in each place ;)