Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One finished, some rearranged

I've finished my 5 new foods!  The last one was Kiwi Berries ( ), which Himself called an abomination unto Nuggan, but I thought were delicious!

Other things which are changing on my list:  I very much doubt I'll get to Germany at all this year, as the most likely time I would be able to now clashes with at least one course I've enrolled on (possibly two courses, if I get accepted onto the second one as well!)  So this one returns to my bucket list from my 40by40 one.

However, I am visiting my Mum in a few weeks and I'll be spending some time with a friend of mine who is bringing her school group over from Germany for a few days, and during this time I'll get to visit Stonehenge and go on a Thames river cruise, neither of which have I done before, so for all I am removing one from my list, I'll be adding two!

Right, now it's time to go & update my original list!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Film I wouldn't have seen....

On Thursday, I was invited by a friend to go & see a film.  I thought about it; the film was only on for the one showing: I'd have to miss my German Class.  However, it was a German film (subtitled in English), so I would still be getting my dose of German for the evening.  Or so I thought.

The film was called Verhängnis (Fate) by Fred Keleman showing at the Tyneside Cinema as part of the AV Festival's "Slow Cinema" season. 

Initially the dialogue was in Spanish according to my friend who is fluent in Spanish (I couldn't hear any of it!)  The next dialogue was in Russian.  I could hear that, as most of it was shouted.  There were about five lines of German, inaudible.  I know it was intended to be a slow film, but this one was 80 minutes (that felt like 5 hours) of sheer boredom.

I'm not usually averse to art films, or foreign films, however all in all, I should have gone to my German class!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


 On Friday, I went out to the Coast to see the Global Rainbow ( ).
The only photo I took that came even close to a true representation of the Violet colour.

My best photo of the experience.
It was truly beautiful, with the full spectrum of colours, including a Violet which was more sensed than seen.

I am using this one for the "See the Northern Lights" entry to my Challenge...

I was there with my friend Jo, and she called it Bifrost (the Norse Rainbow Bridge to Asgard).  It is thought that the Norse folk might have considered the Aurora Borealis to be Bifrost.  Since this Northern Light-show was a veritable Rainbow Bridge, I am reckoning that this counts for my challenge, and if I do manage to see the real Aurora, then that will be a bonus!

(My reasoning for this one is that most of the things on my list are things that I can cause to happen, but the Aurora isn't one of them, since it depends rather on the state of Sol!)