Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One finished, some rearranged

I've finished my 5 new foods!  The last one was Kiwi Berries ( ), which Himself called an abomination unto Nuggan, but I thought were delicious!

Other things which are changing on my list:  I very much doubt I'll get to Germany at all this year, as the most likely time I would be able to now clashes with at least one course I've enrolled on (possibly two courses, if I get accepted onto the second one as well!)  So this one returns to my bucket list from my 40by40 one.

However, I am visiting my Mum in a few weeks and I'll be spending some time with a friend of mine who is bringing her school group over from Germany for a few days, and during this time I'll get to visit Stonehenge and go on a Thames river cruise, neither of which have I done before, so for all I am removing one from my list, I'll be adding two!

Right, now it's time to go & update my original list!

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