Monday, 2 April 2012

One day....

This isn't really part of my Challenge, just some random thoughts.

I often say 'I'll do that one day' with regard to various projects I have.  I've realised that 'one day' really means 'never' unless I make a specific point of doing it; so I've decided to designate certain days here & there as 'One Days'.  On those days, I'll do some of the things I've put aside.  For instance, today might be some sewing that I've been meaning to do 'One Day'.  Another One Day will be for finishing off some of the jewellery and things I've made at my silversmithing class. 

The point of designating One Days is so that I can look around and decide which of the minor projects I feel like doing.  In the past,  if I had decided that I was going to do sewing on a certain day, but when that day comes, I don't feel like it, previously, I've done nothing.  With this system, I can use the time to do whatever I feel like doing instead - that way, I'm still doing something, but I have the freedom to chose what.  Limiting the number of things on my One Day pile means that I'm not over-faced with too many things to chose between.

The One Days are not for major projects, as those tend to happen when the time is right for them, nor are they specifically for Challenge projects, although that might be the case at some point.  They are for all the little things that get put off, and pile up, and cause me to look at the pile and despair!

So here's to One Day, being clear of many of the little piles of 'stuff' that I mean to do!

Wish me luck ;)


  1. I love this idea. LOVE it! Like you, I have lots of one day things. Although I'm beginning to think that perhaps I don't really want to do some of them as much as i think I should want to do them, and that's why I've been putting them off. Needs thinking about a bit, but for the things I do want to do, i might borrow this idea!

  2. Feel free - ideas are meant to be shared :D

    I know what you mean about putting things off because you don't really want to do them... part of the point of One Day things for me is that it helps me decide which of them I actually do /want/ to do, rather than feel I 'should' or 'ought' to do.

    Good luck!