Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Falconry day

I had a lovely time at Falconry Days in Northumberland (http://falconrydays.com/index.php).  We got to meet a large selection of the birds, have some of them fly to our gloves, see some fly to the lure and generally had a lovely day.  Something I learned that I hadn't known was that when a bird sheds a feather either by moulting or if it pulls it out deliberately (I'm looking at you Kevin-the-Kestrel!), they are kept so that if a feather gets broken, it can be replaced!  This is called this "imping" (from implanting).

Marmo the Tawny Owl

Kevin the Kestrel (naughty lad, pulling a feather out!)

Prince the Peregrine Falcon

Spock the European Eagle Owl doing one of his tricks; flying to sit between us!
Teal the Gyr/Lanner in flight
Frazer the Harrier Hawk, taking in the view from above


  1. Awesome! I've always fancied falconry. In fact, I can imagine it suits you very well. I can see you on horseback, with a falcon, in my minds eye...