Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Something from before, and a random new thing.

Luckily, I'd kept a couple of 'new things' in reserve until the end in case I needed them.  This was a good move, as I'd planned to do the Box Brownie photos last Thursday, but I found myself really flustered with getting ready to go to Edinburgh, so I postponed that until another time... more news about that in another post!

So, for your delectation; drop casting of silver!

I'd previously drop-cast pewter, which was fun, but I knew that silver takes a bit more effort, as it has to be heated to a much higher temperature than pewter.  Also the dropping of the hot metal into cold water has to be done into a bucket or other deep container, unlike pewter, where I used a tall glass.

A 'cup' with a drop of silver nestled in it

I love the patterns on this one

A couple of weird mushroom shapes

I've had my makeup done many times, but I have never had my face painted before.  So when my dear friend Gill asked if she could paint me, I said 'yes!'  and this is the result.  I can't believe she's only been doing face-painting for a bit over two WEEKS! She's brilliant, and will only get even better with practice ;)

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