Tuesday, 25 September 2012


My 40th Birthday was somewhat like my 39th, in that it didn't all go quite to plan.  However, it was a lovely day & the bits that did work were lovely!

I had a lovely birthday breakfast of thick pancakes with a variety of things sprinkled on them, then went into Town.

We didn't make it to the Jekyll & Hyde pub, thanks to the sat-nav on my phone being unreliable :(
Instead, we went straight to the Mary King's Close tour.  This was a fascinating 'living history' tour of the underground streets beneath the Royal Mile.  Our tour guide was really enthusiastic, and really made the streets come to life.  Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any photos while we were down there and the infra-red photo that we had taken really didn't come out well enough to spend money on.

Then on to the Library suite at the Witchery; the final item on my list, and a real treat.  The bathroom was amazing, underfloor heating and a huge bath!  We had a picnic supper & watched a movie before snuggling up in the lovely cosy bed :D

The Fantabulous Bath!

The Bed
The 'hidden' bookcase door to the corridor.
Lounging on the Chaise.
My Best Beloved and me.

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