Thursday, 28 June 2012

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I haven't been keeping up with what I've done; I seem to have been so busy lately, but I can't quite work out where the time has gone!

I've done several new things since my last post, some of them were on the list, some weren't, so the list will get an(other!) overhaul in a while, so I can keep track of how I'm doing.


While Mum and Leah & James were up visiting us, we did a variety of things, including a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park; a treat for Leah, who has wanted to visit it for a long time.

Leah & I went exploring & discovered some areas of the Park that I had never been to before, so for the sake of the numbers on my Challenge, I'm including it here ;)
I don't think this was a deliberate sculpture ;) 
A shot through a crook in a tree branch

The Source

The view across the lake
Books for solitary Bees to build their nests

A nice view

The shell grotto; a lovely peaceful place
View from within the grotto
A rabbit near one of the sculptures

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