Thursday, 28 June 2012

A couple of other things

I've tried Thai food for the first time properly, and it was lovely :D  (I had Thai food once before, but I couldn't really eat much as I was hungover, and couldn't appreciate it!) This time I had vegetarian Phad-Thai in a kind of omlette at At Bangkok Cafe in Newcastle.  We were there celebrating a friend's birthday, and I'd definitely go back again.


I've lived here for 20 years, and never been.  And I'm never likely to go again!

All I can say of it is that there are a lot of fortune tellers with the surname Lee, and that the Hoppings itself stinks. Literally. Of manure. And other less savoury things. I spent a lot of time afterwards trying to get the mud, and the smell, out of my boots. Dammit I should have remembered my wellies!

However, here's a nice picture I took of it a couple of days before I went. 

The Hoppings, as seen from the flats up on Westgate Road
I've got a couple of other ideas for things to do for the Challenge; visit the Lit & Phil, which I hope to do tomorrow, and visit the Toy Museum in Tynemouth, as a friend has told me it is worth a look.  I might try to do that on Saturday, as well as a trip to the Market :)

Righty-ho, time to update the list itself!

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