Monday, 27 February 2012

Charis Victoria is off adventuring

Having done one of my Challenges, (the spider one) I also need to update my list with one I have regrettably decided not to do.  I am removing 'make Charis Victoria consistently profitable'.  I have decided to do this for a number of reasons; the foremost being I am busy with something which will hopefully become a new career, and I want to focus my energy on that. 

Other reasons include that I was treating it as a hobby AND a business, and it wasn't really working as either.  I felt pressurised to make things and sell them, so that the business side of it would work, but I stopped enjoying making things as a hobby.  So, what I'm planning on doing now is make things as & when I feel like it, and if anything sells, then so be it :)

I'd had three potential events that clash with other (more important to me) things such as family gatherings and so on, and it made me focus on what my actual priorities are; so, Charis is off exploring the aether and will return with freshly discovered items to make into wonderful contraptions in due course!

This does leave me with a gap in my list... but I'm sure I'll think of something before long!


  1. I think this is a very wise and brave decision. The temptation is always to try and do everything. Realising that this isn't the time is really valuable and frees you up to make a real go of the other things you want to do.

  2. Indeed. It has been a tough thing for me to realise, but I feel that it is the right thing to do.