Monday, 17 October 2011

Olga's 40 by 40 list

(In no particular order)

Places to Visit
1 Edinburgh: Spend a night in the Library room at the Witchery, take a tour of St Mary's Close (Edinburgh under-city) and visit Jekyll & Hyde pub!
2 Thames river cruise
3 Visit Stonehenge
4 See the Northern Lights (2nd March 2012)

5 Visit Thackray museum in Leeds (12th November 2011)

6 Tour the Victoria Tunnels (Newcastle)
7 Visit Lindisfarne (when Mum comes to visit me)

Skills to try
8 Try Carriage Driving
9 Side-saddle riding
10 Horse-ride along a beach, in the surf :)
11 Do a day of Falconry

12 Try Hang-gliding or similar
13 Ride in a hot air balloon
14 Try Rock climbing (indoor!)

15 Take a course in Bookbinding & bind a book.
16 Try Upholstery or Stained Glass making
17 Take a Millinery course & make a hat
18 Learn to use a Spinning Wheel (K.)

19 Have a Belly dancing lesson (8th January 2012)

20 Have a Capoeira lesson
21 Take a Fan Dancing class

Things to Make/Do
22 Make a corset (K.)
23 Make a leather masquerade mask (Jo)
24 Perform at a Burlesque show!

25 Have a 4-hand massage
26 1:1 Barre class 3/11/11

Personal Improvement / Challenges!
27 Hold a tarantula(!) (25/02/12)

28 Wear more colours, at least half the time! (Steampunk colours, admittedly!) (Ongoing)
29 Money-diet for a month
30 Grow some colourful plants in the garden (Ongoing - planted bulbs, rose bush & raspberry bush in March)
31 Try at least 5 new foods (Bilberries & Figs, Turkish sweets & Samphire, Kiwi Berries) (Finished March 2012)
32 Read at least 3 classics (Old - Beowulf; Classic - Little Women, Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera?; Modern - Brave New World (I've also added Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to this list!)
33 Watch at least 5 'must-see' classic films
34 Try at least 3 new (possibly SteamPunk) bands - Vernian Process, Abney Park, TMWWNBBFN etc.
35 Return to my idea weight (8st7lbs ish)
36 Break myself of the habit of picking at my skin
37 Mystery item – because halfway through the year I’ll think of something I want on this list!
38 See a film that I wouldn't usually watch (I might change this as it's probably covered by the 'Classic films' item - my list, my rules ;)  )
39 Do something completely spontaneous (26th October 2011)
40 Make a (consistent!) profit with Charis Victoria Designs (Removed 27/02/12)

'Spare' items:
Make a Dragon!
Handbell ringing
Box Brownie photography (J)
Make Ginger Beer
Visit Bletchly Park?


  1. Excellent (and very ambitious) list! I might steal about half of them :) I think I have a copy of Brave New World somewhere if you need to borrow it...

    Leeds Art College have day/weekend courses in both millinery and book-binding.

  2. Feel free to steal as many as you like ;)

    I've just finished BNW, I will have to Blog to keep up with the books, as I've also read Zen...

    I'll look into Leeds Art College for the millinery & Book-binding, especially if I can't find anything up here. Thanks for that!

    Best wishes,
    Olga :D