Friday, 23 September 2011

The Challenge starts here!


Well, my first day of 39-ness was somewhat different to my plans, but good nonetheless. A couple of planned things didn't happen, so I had a fairly quiet day instead; but one that was filled with good things, lovely cards, nice emails and an Amazon shopping spree on books, thanks to Liz and Himself, who each gave me vouchers :)

It involved part of one of my challenges (soon to be posted, hopefully) which is to try at least five new foods this year. Yesterday I had Cadbury's Fudge Pancakes (thanks to Himself randomly saying 'fudge' and then 'pancake' a few days ago, and then deciding that it needed to be tried!). Today I had bilberries for the first time; The Gelfling is right - they taste like blueberries /ought/ to taste!

Fudge pancakes are a lovely gooey mess of over-sweetness, but a very-seldom type of treat. Bilberries are now on my top ten list of fruits-I-like, and will eat them at any and every opportunity! As I try more things, I'll post my thoughts!

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