Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Random musings

I've been full of lurgy the last few days and I'm just about feeling up to doing stuff again. Some of the low-key things I've been doing include sorting through the piles of paper which seem to accumulate near me.  I honestly don't know what happens there... I can have a clear desk and within seconds it's acquired three lists and a random scattering of other stuff!!

Anyway, one of the lists was my old 20-in-40 list, and I thought I'd revisit my blog :)

I'm also reminded by randomness, that Jo & I went to the Science Fair which was held at Newcastle University in late 2013, where we saw our hearts beat (as a wire vibration), made lightning (using genuine Victorian apparatus) and heard the Music of the Spheres (what 'noises' the planets make, their EM emissions translated into sounds)

I also have finally visited the Jekyll and Hyde pub in Edinburgh, having failed to do that in my first challenge.  Himself and I spent a happy few hours there catching up with an old friend Gill, and a new friend Dixi.

I'm more than happy with all the things I did in both my 40-by-40 and 20-in-40 challenges. However, there were some things I didn't do (no time, no opportunity, whatever...)

So I'm going to list some of them here (some old, some new ones) mostly as a place-keeper of ideas of things to do.

  • Cuthbert's Caves in Doddington (nr Wooler) and Holburn (nr Lindisfarne)
  • Spiral carved rocks at Chatton,  Fowberry (nr Wooler)
  • The Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire.
  • St Mary's Chapel/Well Jesmond
Try a real stottie; apparently the ones from Greggs aren't 'proper' stotties, as you can't stott them off the floor.

Spin fire poi in the Culvert.  I've been out with the North East Light Painters once so far, and I definitely want to go again, somewhere I can get the best spinnin' on!

Try FreeRunning.  This will have to be once I've lost a bit more weight and got a bit fitter, I think!
I had hoped to be able to do the Warrior Beach challenge this year (2015) but when I started training for it last year, I instantly got shin-splints, so that put the kibosh on that rather.

Take a Bartitsu lesson!  There's one coming up this weekend if I'm feeling better enough to try my hand at Victorian martial arts!

As I think of other things, I'll put them here.

Things from the old list that I haven't done and still want to, but are more on a someday-maybe list:

  • Carriage Driving
  • Side-saddle riding
  • Horse-ride along a beach, in the surf :)
  • Hang-gliding and/or Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Fan dancing Class
  • Hang Aerial Class
  • Hang Yoga
  • Capoeira lesson
  • Blacksmithing workshop (PH)
  • Woodworking workshop (PH)
  • Stained Glass workshop (PH)
  • Calligraphy
  • 3D dreamcatcher
  • Make a hat
  • Make paper
  • Box Brownie Photography
  • Make Tea Wine
  • Make Ginger Beer
  • Make a Herman Cake

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