Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow Dragon

I haven't felt like posting in a while, as I thought I hadn't actually done much since the last post, but looking back, I've got several things to add!  However, last things first....

Yesterday, he & I went to see The Hobbit.  On our way home, the snow was perfect snowman-making snow (he checked!) and he mused as to what to make this year.  (Previous years we've had typical snowmen, a snow bunny, snow bear, snow alien, several snow mutants, and so on.)  However, me being me, and with Smaug's glowing eye still fresh in my memory, I jokingly said "Snow-Dragon!"  

The lesser spotted Honesty-Wing Dragon

Next-door's snowman had solar lights for eyes,
so we decided to follow the trend!

Well, of course it breaths fire, it's a dragon!

Not a Pyro, honestly! 

A  Fire Breathing Dragon, breathing a fire dragon!
 The last photo is by far my favourite!

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