Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Well, as I said in my previous post, I enjoyed my Challenge so much that I don't want to stop!  Therefore, I'll be trying to do at least 20 new things in my 40th year :D  As before, I have a list of possible things, although it has already got a couple of things on it which weren't there to start with, so nothing much is different in this respect either!

So; here's my starter for 20!  Some of them are the same as before, things I couldn't do, but still want to...

Scuba Diving
Urban Exploration
Carriage Driving
Side-saddle riding
Horse-ride along a beach, in the surf :)
Hang-gliding and/or Ride in a hot air balloon
Fan dancing Class
Hang Aerial Class
Hang Yoga
Capoeira lesson
Blacksmithing workshop (PH)
Woodworking workshop (PH)
Stained Glass workshop (PH)
3D dreamcatcher
Make a hat
Make paper
Box Brownie Photography
Tea wine
Make Ginger Beer
Make a Herman Cake
Watch at least 5 'must-see' classic films
Make Dragon sculpture, since it is Chinese Year of the Dragon! (at least by the end of the CYotD 9th Feb!)

There are more than 20 things, which should give me a bit of lee-way for not managing some, and as usual, I'll swap things in & out as I see fit!


  1. Love that you're still going! You can find a starter recipe for Herman cake online, so you'd not only be making the cake but starting the chain! One of the Clandestine Cake CLub organisers does loads of stuff with Herman cakes, she might be a good place to ask. Think the blog is called For Bella and Will...

  2. Cool, thanks! (Would you be interested in a Herman??!) ;)