Friday, 6 July 2012

Some random things and an idea or two.

My corset is finished!  Many thanks to K for her invaluable knowledge, and willingness to teach me!  There will be pictures after Thursday when I will hopefully wear it out for the first time :D

I've started Beowulf, which is a lot easier to read than I was expecting (I'm reading a prose translation first and then I might try a poetry version if I feel like it.)

I'm hardly wearing black at all these days, so I think I can safely say that I've changed my style to a somewhat more Steampunk one, so I'm going to cross that one off my list when I next update it.

I didn't get to the Lit & Phil or the Toy Museum last week, but they're still on the calendar for sometime soon, so I will definitely visit them.

One of the things I have been intending to do is a 'money diet'.  On Wednesday, it became more urgent, when I checked my bank account & realised that I was in the redder-than-red :(  So I've been doing some sums, with the help of a couple of very useful websites, and starting on Monday, I'll be tightening the purse strings considerably.  Apart from bus-fares and any necessary food shopping, I'm going to try to spend no money next week, no coffees in town, no random clothes shopping (not even Charity Shops!) no nothin'.  I'll see how it goes...

I held a tortoise for the first time today... pretty random, but I guess it counts!

Don't worry, I put her back down right after I'd taken the pictures!

Michelle trying to make a break for it on my lap
Smile for the camera!

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