Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bellydancing, bells and books

I've done a few random things since my last post... one is a 'reserve' item, in case I don't manage to do one of the other things on my list, one is from my list, and another is part of the ongoing book reading!

Shortly before Christmas, my German class met up for an evening of merriment, which included (after enough drink had been drunk!) a try on handbells!

This was the bell that I rang!  Many thanks to Andreas for letting us loose on his precious bells!

I'm still reading through some of the books on my list - I'm currently halfway through Frankenstein, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

Also, on the 8th of January, Her lovely Royal Hellness Lucretia gave me a bellydancing taster lesson, in return for which I taught her a couple of Poi moves.

I had a whale of a time doing the belly dancing, it was great fun and some of the moves are really beautiful, although I'm not sure I've got the muscle strength & co-ordination to be able to move bits of me separately from the rest of me!

For all that this part of my challenge was not related to the photo shoot at Farida Dance, there are some photos of me there and here: in the lovely bellydancing outfits!

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